Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh, Happy Year! (Currently)

Oh, happy day year!  Farley's Currently is a great way to start out the New Year!

I've actually been taking a break from blogging for a couple weeks.  Not on purpose.  Just had to take care of a few things (like the whole family having the stomach flu, a root canal, some stress and Christmas festivities).  All that is past and I'm happy to report that we did have a great Christmas with family and friends (and lots of germs). 

Back in action...and currently...

Listening... This is the first year that we've lived in a 2 story house with our kids.  Little things, like hearing the pitter patter of little feet upstairs, make me really happy in our new home.

Loving...I am so grateful for this two week break to snuggle, read and take long walks with my family.

Thinking...I will turn 40 this year.  Turning 40 doesn't really bother me. But since everyone else keeps making a big deal about it, I decided that that age marker might help motivate me to lose some weight before I hit 40 (in November).  When you are 4 feet 11 inches, it's already hard enough to buy clothes.  Enough whining...today is a new beginning!

Wanting...Tomorrow, while I eat only healthy foods that will surely leave me craving all the things I ate yesterday...I will get a pedicure.  I'm sure putting pretty toes in my workout shoes will help.

Needing...When I agreed to do a presentation for the Michigan Reading Conference in March, I promised my husband that I would not let preparing for the presentation be a source of stress.  So, getting organized and prepared early should help me hide any stress that might appear closer to the date. 

OLW -   relax
It seems ironic that I would choose "relax" as my OLW...when it is the very word that can cause an instant argument if it comes out of my husbands mouth. :)  But, I it is a word that
I need to be more connected to.  I'd like for us to be friends (me and my new word) by the end of the year. 

Why would I choose a word that I don't really like (yet). Several weeks ago, while driving to work, I had a aha moment.  It was the moment when I realized that life would be much less stressful if I didn't have a goal for EVERYTHING.  Having a goal for everything might not be so bad if I was not such a Competitive Carly.

There are the obvious goals that we all have (I think) about school and family.  And then there are a few others that I recently discovered might not be shared by everyone.  

Yep...a goal for how many times a day I'm going to brush my teeth (which the dentist claims is too many - what?!?).  A goal for how many students I will work with individually during math work stations.  A goal for how many new words each of my struggling students will learn by the end of the week. A goal for how many times I'll walk the dogs in a week.  A goal for how many loads of laundry I will get done in one evening.  A goal for how many minutes I will allow myself to watch TV.  A goal for which day I will go to the grocery store.  A goal for how many rows I will knit when I sit down to "destress".  I sadly even have a goal for how much sleep I want to get each night...which might not be a problem if I didn't keep waking up every hour to count how many hours of sleep are left.  The list goes on...

So... this year.  I will focus on relaxing.  Not the "calm down" kind of relaxing that my husband sometimes suggests.  But, the brushing your teeth 3 times (instead of a higher number) is really ok kind.  And...watching TV without a goal of when to turn it off might be nice (if I could just figure out how to use the remote). 

Yep...a few more pedicures, a nice long bath, maybe some yoga (as soon as I figure out how to erase the to do list in my head) and dog walks without a minute goal (or mileage goal) in mind.  

I'm counting on all of you to be my support group.  I can't be the only freak, right?  Any tips to help me become "friends" with my new word would be much appreciated...

Relaxing plan for today - read (without a goal for how many chapters) and take my daughter shopping (hooray for girls day!)!

Don't forget to stop by Oh Boy 4th Grade to read about what everyone is currently doing to start the New Year!

Happy 2013, everyone!!



  1. I like the idea of relaxing. It makes sense that setting goals for everything can cause stress. Good luck with your relaxation!!

  2. I am always "waiting until Monday" to start my diet too. It just is so easy to eat all the junk around than to be disciplined and stick to what is healthy for my body.

    I love the "listening" one :)

    Teaching in Room 6

  3. I need to relax more too. I thought it was funny that you said your hubby saying it causes an instant argument because the same thing happens at my house!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  4. I love your OLW! I think that is why I surf so much, it is the only way I can relax and take my mind off of all the other things I do. The ocean is a calming place for me!! Find your calm place:) Hope 2013 is fabulous for you!

    Hau'oli Makahiki Hou,
    Surfin' Through Second

  5. I totally get the relax thing. I've worked really hard this year to just "let things go" and take time for myself. SO HARD TO DO!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. Oooooh - LOVE your OLW. I was thinking I'd do "Focus" so that I could get more done...but your words give me pause. Love it!

    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties is co-hosting a Shout Out Linky

  7. It's funny but when my husband tells me to relax my blood pressure immediately rises, too:) you know they're right but you don't need to hear it.
    I see that Corinna surfs to relax. Substitute the word "run" for me. It's a guaranteed stress reducer.
    All the best to you!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  8. I turned 40 this year-I feel exactly the same as I did at 39! :)


  9. thanks so much for linking up... I need to work on my presentation too... but mine is Monday LOL I am a little behind on that... blog hopping is so much more fun!!!

  10. You are not the only one!! I was reading your "A goal for this...a goal for that..." and actually thought of a few to ADD to my list! Totally not the point but my teacher brain was like - you need to do that!!! I am with you on adding goals to relax. I have a goal to sit and read my InStyle magazine at least once a month instead of letting them pile up all year until school is out and it's time to hit the pool. :p

    I'm also hosting a linky party and I'd love for you to check it out. It's a little different than the standard link up...but you won't regret it. :)
    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

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