Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Pinteresting Day

For a whole 5 days, I've been working on my OLW (one little word). My OLW for 2013 is relax. Making crafts is relaxing to me. Plus I promised myself that I would use up some of my craft supplies before I buy any more this year. 

 Here's what I've been working on... 

 A 2013 Memory Jar 
 (which is nothing more than a jar with our Christmas card in at the moment)

Throughout the year, we will add little things that help us remember 
all the special things we did together as a family this year.  
Then we'll start a new jar next year.
This is my photo, but not my original idea. I found this great idea here.

Button Bracelet
(made from buttons and leather cord)
Again, this is my photo, but not my original idea.  I found the idea here.  

Beaded Butter Knife
I usually make beaded serving spoons, 
but I had just enough wire left to fancy up this little butter knife.
I was inspired by my aunt to make these.

Framed Vintage Valentine
I found this vintage Valentine (and a few others) at an antique sale last year. 
 I wasn't sure what to do with them at the time.  
I just decided to frame one. 
I'm thinkin' my collection of vintage Valentine's might look nice 
on my Valentine themed mantel with this pitcher that I found 
at a local reuse center for $1.   
I'm working on a Valentine bunting as well.   

Scrabble Tile Pendants

Two years ago, one of my students gave me a Scrabble tile pendant necklace.  
I love it!
I found a good tutorial on Pinterest for how to make them myself and bam! 
You can find the tutorial here.
The picture is my own.  It shows two of the pendants that I made.  
I use the same chain and just switch the pendant.  
But, I did buy a few more chains on Ebay, 
so I can make more necklaces for gifts for next Christmas.

Hope you have a relaxing day too!


  1. That's exactly how I relax too! I love making things or doing crafts. Last year on the first day of my summer break, I painted the alphabet on river rocks and made alphabet glass beads. I got the ideas from Pinterest and I wanted the kids to use them for Word Work. My family said, "You never stop working...not even on your first day of your summer vacation. Give yourself a break." They didn't understand that I was giving myself a break. I find it relaxing! Happy relaxing to you and I hope you are able to keep relaxing.

  2. My OLW is relax too! Love all your crafts...especially the idea of the memory jar! Thanks for sharing!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. I love your crafts, it all looks fun. I would love to make the beaded silverware. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the tiles! I bought one the other day - I am one of those who enjoys the products that people like you make when you relax:)
    Go Nutty With Me!

  5. Adorable! Have fun relaxing .... and happy new year.


  6. I love, love, love the memory jar! Stealing!!! ;0
    Buggy for First Grade

  7. Thank you for the great ideas! I am a new blogger and would love to get my name out there in the teacher blogging world. I am a K teacher right outside of Nashville (Franklin). I am having a difficult time tapping in and friending other teacher bloggers :) Any advice/shout outs would be tremendously appreciated!
    Thanks so much!
    Elizabeth Hall

  8. You are so crafty! Those are all so great! :) I love the memory jar- what a great idea. How fun it'll be to look through it at the end of the year! I totally want to start one! Thanks for the idea!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  9. You are one crafty lady!!!!! I love that memory jar idea...

    I hope you have a great week...right back at it!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  10. I love RELAX as your OLW. Mine is SELF so I think that I will make a few of those Scrabble tile necklaces and frame a VERY cute Valentine's Day card that I have been saving!

    Lori @
    Bee the Change
    Mrs. Faas’ First Grade