Friday, November 25, 2011

Reading Ticket Freebie has been super relaxing (unlike the past few weeks). I apologize. I've pretty much been a loser of a blogger in the past few weeks. I'm trying not to complain publicly about something that we've been waiting for for two years...but just a few words can explain the extra stress. We're moving over the holidays. Let's just say that the normal to-do list that races in my head at night (while the rest of the world sleeps) is rather out of control this month. I'm trying not to panic about the fact that our house finally has a contract and we can't seem to find a house to purchase at the moment...because NO ONE moves over the holidays (except us, right?). It will all work out... it was our choice to sell our current house and this was all part of the plan.  Deep breaths...

Soooo....although I'm enjoying this long weekend with my family...I am also looking forward to getting back to the classroom to cram in as much learning as I can before the next holiday break.

My students will begin using reading tickets during quiet reading time next week.   Quiet reading time has so many names, doesn't it?   I don't know why I call it "quiet reading time", because I don't really want my kids to be quiet.  I do expect them to be actively reading the entire time.  To keep everyone on task (starting about now for my 1st graders), I use quiet reading tickets.  At the beginning of quiet reading time each day, I give each student a quiet reading ticket.  The students are expected to read to 4 different students and get signatures for their own reading ticket.  It's not super quiet.  It doesn't look like traditional DEAR time.  But, kids are actively engaged in reading to each other and it holds them accountable.  It works for me and my students.

I made these "winter themed" reading tickets to use with my students in the next couple months.  You can click on the picture below if you'd like to download them.

I just finished another set of Personal Reader stories that I'm hoping to post on Teachers Notebook and Tpt tomorrow.  Don't forget...I'm having a 15% sale from now until Monday.

Boxes, packing tape and labels...oh my!  :)


  1. I moved over the holidays one was fun! haha....deep breaths and it will all be over before you know it

  2. We moved over the holdays at Christmas in 98..we got lots of snow in Jan so I spent 2 weeks of snow days unpacking.. Did I mention I had pneumonia too:?

  3. Love the reading tickets! BTW, we have picked you to receive our Sunshine Award!
    Have a great day. . .
    Fun for First

  4. WOW!! Crazy! I just stopped by to pass the Sunshine award to you and it sounds like you could use some!! :) Good luck with the move!
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher