Sunday, November 6, 2011

I need help (please)!

Help! I only have 2 more days to try to reach 1st place!!!! Remember, I have the competitive curse. My blog is currently in 2nd place. I would be super grateful if you'd help me by voting! You can vote 1 time each day until Tuesday, Nov. 8.

And the sweetest thing just happened to me...Mrs. Kennedy from The Kennedy Korral just left a message for me. Her blog is currently in 3rd place and she is asking her voters to vote for my blog help push me into 1st place! What!?!? Yep, that's right! I'm declaring that a random act of kindness and an example of good sportsmanship.  Thank you, Mrs. Kennedy!

 Please vote by clicking on the image below or on my sidebar!

I would like to thank the staff in my district (and in my hometown), friends, bloggin' buddies and family for voting, posting and cheering me all the way to my current spot.  It's not over yet... please continue to vote!!!