Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Math Journals

I'm backed up a wee bit on the emails that I've received in the past week. I'm sorry... crazy busy. I'm sure you can relate.  I'm gonna try to answer of few of the questions in this post.

We just started school the day after Labor Day. Last week, I introduced our math journals and our procedure for classroom discussions. You can read the post about our classroom discussions here.

I started with a really simple problem from my Fall Math Journal Prompts. The focus of my lesson was more on the procedure than the actual problem. I expect the students to "prove" their answer in their math journals. Our kindergarten teachers do an amazing job preparing our students for first grade. The children solved the problem, "proved" their answer and shared their work during our group discussion.

I use a composition notebook for my math journals.  The cover is included in my Fall Math Journal Prompts and my Winter Math Journal Prompts.

Here is work sample from one of my students. Each time we work on a new problem, the students just glue the problem to the top of the page and "prove" their answer on the bottom.

You can find my both of my math journal prompt sets at my Teachers Notebook shop and my Tpt store.  Each set is $1.50.

I was going to post pictures of my calendar and math board areas, but that is gonna have to wait till tomorrow.  I am a tired girl!

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