Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rules in My Classroom

My students this year are doing an amazing job following the rules and routines in the classroom. We have a class motto in my room, but only 2 main rules. The rules are simple. 

 Our 2 Simple Rules 
1. Be kind. 
 2. Work hard. 

 All of the parts to our class motto fit into one of those categories (being kind or working hard). We use a motto that I did not create. I found it on Pinterest. Here is my photo of the one of the copies of our class motto hanging in my room. It is linked to the original source ( if you want to check it out. The site has TONS of other amazing printables!

On Monday, the students in my class worked in groups to sort the parts of our motto into two groups (be kind or work hard).  I made a copy of the class motto and cut it up.  I gave each group of students 2 parts of the motto to discuss.  Each group discussed their parts of the motto and reported to the class which category they chose for each part. We made the anchor chart below together and it will stay up in our room for the whole year (in case we need a review).

Do you use a class motto or have rules posted in your room?

I worked in the hallway doing assessment all day today while my class had a guest teacher.  I'm pretty sure we will need to revisit the chart first thing tomorrow.  I accomplished a lot today (and feel grateful for the time to get some of the assessments done), but I'll be glad to be back in the classroom tomorrow.

Off to pack lunches and double check bags for tomorrow.  


  1. Our school motto is "Work hard and be kind!" The only rule you need!!


  2. I agree! We don't have a schoolwide motto, but I sure wish we did!

  3. I am all about a FEW simple rules instead of a long list! I love yours. :) Mine are 1 - Be kind and respectful 2 - Follow Directions 3 - Take care of our school. :)

    Awesome post!

  4. I have that sign in my classroom, but I hadn't thought about having the kids do an activity with it! Love that!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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