Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Special Place for Math Books

This year, I decided to make a special place for math related books in my room. It helps me find the math related books that I need to teach specific concepts/skills. I decided it also helps point out to kids that some of the books they love reading are about math.

 I found this little book stand in my outrageous collection of bins/containers/shelves and decided it was perfect for my space. The stand is small, so I only put out the math books related to the topics we are discussing in the next few weeks. I will leave a few of the books that are emergent or beginning readers out for students to look and reread throughout the year.

My Math Book Stand

My Math Work Station Area 
(plus storage for some manipulatives and my math journals)

Over the summer, I also made a few easy readers that are math related. Especially at the beginning year, it can be a challenge to find books that have text that is easy enough for my beginning readers. I do everything I can to build confidence in my readers. So, I'm hoping these easy readers related to math will help me hook a few more kids. You can see 3 of the books I made in the picture above of my math book shelf.  I laminate a colored copy to keep on my math book shelf.  I'll also photocopy individual copies for the students to take home to put in their "book boxes" at home for extra practice. You can click on one of the images below if you'd like to read more about them.

Bake Sale - (beginning number sense and counting)

It's Halloween - (beginning number sense, number words, counting)

Frog Hops - (beginning number sense, number line, addition)

Magic music box report (read old post here)...still magical!  I'm lovin' my new students!  

Off to dig into some football the lesson plans.  Happy Saturday!


  1. I like how you display your math books! I have them mine in a separate tub, but having them out for all to see sounds like a really great idea!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. I love that you created a special place for your math books! Your library looks fantastic!

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