Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Do You Love Teaching?

Our state department of education is encouraging teachers to share what we love about teaching this week.  Please consider sharing what you love about teaching too!  If you have a blog you can post about it there, share it on Instagram, tweet it or post about it on Facebook.

The number one reason I love teaching is simple...kids!
When your day is filled with this kind of enthusiasm, it is hard not to love your job.
It is easy to feel lucky.
It is easy to feel loved.
It is easy to feel like you have a chance to make a difference.

Education is a gift.
We give and receive the gift of learning each day as teachers.

Since I started a new job as an instructional coach this year, 
I am able to collaborate with  teachers about instruction and student learning every single day.

working together = more brain power = increased learning for adults and kids

Not gonna lie. I also love organizing things, which is a constant process for this teacher.

As a teacher, my world is full of words.  Some people love numbers. I love words.

As a teacher, I can share my love of schedules with students (and now teachers).

 "Is that lady reading a book in her kayak in the middle of the lake?"
It's easy for my family to explain - "She's a teacher. She has a book with her everywhere she goes."

Another reason to love being a teacher...
you get to purchase a back to school outfit and an open house outfit.
(My personal stylist from Stitch Fix chose these for me.)

When you are a teacher, your days and your life (and your goal spreadsheet) are filled with...

This year, I am part of the Instructional Support Team in my Dexter.  
I love my new team!
I am learning so much from each of the talented members of our team.  
One is a data expert, one is a technology expert and one is the dynamic leader of our team.
I love teaching because now I have this opportunity to learn from my team.
Together we are excited, challenged in a positive way
 and on a mission to be as supportive as possible.

There is so much for teachers to celebrate at the end of each year!

And...still we feel like this when someone says that summer is almost over.

Then...the backpacks fill up. 
Buses arrive.
The bell rings.
We welcome back the little ones 
who count on us to LOVE teaching 
and LOVE each of them 
as we learn together.



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