Saturday, October 11, 2014

5 for Friday!

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Winner! Winner!
A few months ago, I won a custom Erin Condren spiral notebook!
I won it by simply leaving a comment on their facebook page.  Yippee!

I'm a loyal fan of the Erin Condren Life Planners for 3 million reasons.
So, having a chance to try the spiral notebook this year was an exciting surprise!
I love it!  It's larger than the Life Planner, but perfect for taking notes at the 3 million meetings I'm attending for my new job.

fancy cover

custom dividers (with super heavy duty laminate just like the cover)

I'm super excited to have the opportunity to conduct a research study about writer's workshop this year.  I'll be working with a professor from a local university to help guide me through the research process.  I'll be sharing some freebies from my presentations soon.

I'm grateful for author,  Maria Dismondy!  I've known Maria for a few years now and her books are empowering children (and teachers) across the country.  
You can visit her site to check out her books and read more about her work. 

Life is good when your kids go to a school that allows teachers 
to provide alternative seating to motivate students to learn.  
I'm proud to share that this is my husband's middle school classroom.
Most of the furniture is made by his students!

When you are person who sets goals for everything and loves a good competition, 
change is exciting!
That's me.
And this is the my motto for my new job.
Change makes great things even better!

Happy Friday Saturday!


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