Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chop! Chop! Chop!

Do you hate when your favorite teaching book keeps flopping closed every time you walk away, stop to answer a question, get distracted by social media, let the dog out, feel thirsty or blink?  

Well...chop, chop, chop folks!  

The nice folks at Office Max (prices and locations may vary), will chop the binding off my favorite teaching books and add a spiral binding for just $3 or $4. It goes like this...I take my favorite teaching book to the counter (with another one that already has my favorite kind of spiral binding with me as a sample).  I hand over my book and give them a lecture about how precious it is and how I don’t want them to remove, lose or misplace any of my sticky notes.  Then the nice folks there stick my book into a giant fancy chopperooni machine (I’m sure it has a more official name) and CHOP (goodbye old binding)!  Then PUNCH (holes added)!  Then TWIST (new fancy spiral binding added)! 

Just like that...I can check Instagram, get a drink and let the dogs out and MY BOOK STAYS OPEN!  

Oh happy day...


  1. Where is the like button! Brilliant!

  2. Fantastic - I had no idea they did this! Would be great for recipe books, too! I see a trip to Office Max in my future :) Thanks!