Monday, March 3, 2014


It's time for our roadtrip on the Information Highway!  
We're traveling on an informational text themed adventure for March.

Our whole building is focusing on specific themes
for informational text each week.  

Passport Registration

I have a crazy amount of leveled books in my classroom.  I do mean CrAzY, but they all get used on a daily basis.  I have bins full of fiction and nonfiction books at each level for students to use throughout the day.  I also have a Nonfiction Book Nook full of just leveled informational texts. I created this separate area full of nonfiction books just to make sure my students have extra exposure to informational text.  The books in the Nonfiction Book Nook are organized by category (but are also leveled to help students choose just right books).  As you can see, the bins for some categories are super full and other bins have so few books in them that you can barely see them in each bin.

Nonfiction Book Nook Shelf

You can find the labels that I made for the bins in my Nonfiction Book Nook here.
The labels are available to download free at the bottom of that old post.

I'll be posting more adventures from our trip on the Information Highway over the next few weeks.

Then...we'll finish off March with Camp Read a Lot!


  1. Love the theme! Your whole campus participates? That's very cool! How did you get such a rad book collection?
    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. Ha! I'm the garage sale, thrift store, ebay book findin' queen...and when I present at the the Michigan Reading Association conference the book reps always load me up with free samples. :) Our building picks a common theme each year. My students are lovin' the theme this year!

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