Friday, September 20, 2013

Vroom! Vroom! (Number Line Racecar Freebie)

Oh Friday, how I love you! I'm a believer in the full moon teacher theory. Full moon = strange behavior in the classroom. This week was jam packed with way too many school meetings, way too much assessment (which means that I spent time in the hallway listening to my students undo the routines that we've been working so hard to build) and both my husband and my son had to visit the ER this week. Is it Saturday yet?

We started a new math program this year. Well, I have been in my current district for 14 years and we have started at least 5 math programs in that time. Now, we have a real program that we are really excited about...Everyday Math.

One of the daily routines in our new program for first grade is to count the days of school. I made a racecar to put on my classroom number line, so we could "race" from day to day. I printed it on cardstock, laminated it and cut out the middle to make a "window frame" for the number of days we've had in school so far.

If you'd like your own racecar number line frame, you can click on the image below to download the document. I included a few different color choices.

Vroom!  Vroom!  



  1. Adorable! I know the kids in my class will LOVE it. Thank you so much.

  2. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to use this for my number line!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. Hope your husband and son are OK! I think there is a full moon every day in my classroom. I've got several loud and sassy students who always want attention.
    I like the racecar, too cute. We use EDM also, but I haven't put up a number line yet. When our school was remodeled, they didn't put any tack strips above the whiteboards and I haven't tried taping it to the wall...yet.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Loved the comment about sitting in the hallway listening to your routines/procedures unravel! I can totally relate!