Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Grade Chat on Twitter

A few weeks ago, I inspired by Erin Klein (from Kleinspiration) to open a Twitter account. I can't say that I have tons of Twitter followers yet...but I'm workin' on it. For the past two Sunday evenings, I've been chatting with first grade teachers around the world via a first grade chat on Twitter. It's a live chat that lasts for one hour. I've already met some really supportive 1st grade teachers and learned several new things that I can't wait to try in the classroom. The conversation moves pretty fast, but it's really easy to participate. If you have a Twitter account and you're interested in joining us... use the hashtag #1stchat tonight (or any Sunday night) at 8p.m. (EST). I've followed chats about the Daily 5 and kindergarten as well. There are chats for just about everything...anyone else know of other good chats to follow? Off to unpack from my trip (which I can't wait to tell you about - post coming soon). I also need to finish my Monday Made It project.


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