Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently November

I am currently wondering why it doesn't feel like I had an extra hour of sleep last night.


It's time for Farley's Currently.  Farley, from Oh Boy 4th Grade, hosts this linky party monthly.

Listening - I love that my son and my husband have recap conversations about games from the previous day every morning.  Then I don't have to watch ESPN 5 times in a row like they do.

Loving - My parents are coming to visit today.  I feel grateful that even though they live in another state it is only an hour and a half drive to visit.  So, I'm thinking about getting up to clean.  I just cleaned yesterday, but with two dogs and 2 kids it doesn't really look like I did anything now.

Wanting - Taking the new job that I have now means that I needed to bring 32 giant rubbermaid containers and tons of classroom furniture home to my house.  I feel like I am suffocating when things are too cluttered.  I'll keep some of my things (just in case I go back into the classroom in the future) but in the spring I am going to have a GIANT teacher garage sale and get rid of most of this stuff so I can reclaim my house.

Needing - fresh appointment is next weekend thank goodness

Reading - Reading and Writing Genre With Purpose by  Duke, Caughlan, Juzwik and Martin
We've been talking a lot of content area reading and writing.  The book give examples of how focusing on content area reading and writing helps teachers focus their planning.  Traditionally, many elementary teachers relied on themes to guide their planning.  This book highlights how teaching strategies for reading or writing specific genres are different from each other.  For example, the strategies for writing an informative text are different from the strategies needed for research writing.

I need to finish a video presentation for my writer's workshop group.  Everyone loves pajama PD, right?


  1. Love a pajama PD! That should be a thing! I am right there with you in terms of ESPN overload -I've got a hubby who is REALLY into fantasy football. Have fun with your family today! Also, love your pin button! It's super cute!
    Fifth Grade Files

  2. I think pajamas are the best! I can totally relate to the 32 Rubbermaid containers! Just when I think I've taken back the basement my grade level or building changes. Trying to downsize, but I just know I may need my "stuff" one day!!

  3. Oh, how I would LOVE to come to your teacher garage sale! That would be so much fun! I know exactly what you mean about having to bring it all home, it takes over your house!! We seem to watch ESPN all morning in our house, too! It isn't on yet- which really surprises me! I hope you have a wonderful day with your parents!!
    Teaching with Crayons and Curls

  4. Now I wanna read Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I also need to get up and start cleaning but football (and blogs) are distracting me! I tell myself I'm multitasking but I'm not!

    Hopefully you'll have better luck being productive than I am today! :)

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  6. I'll need to know when that garage sale is, Kimberly! I will definitely come and buy some things from you. :) I hope your year is going well and that you are enjoying your new position.
    - Kelly :)
    Mrs. Campbell's Kids

  7. I would love to read what you've learned from this book you're reading in a blog post! I know integrating writing into core subjects should be frequent but I'm so bad at actually doing it. Wish I could make it to that garage sale!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

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